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Canberra’s Leading Bookkeepers are a bookkeeping business who take the stress out of your work. We work to help you focus on your business needs while we focus on your numbers. We do bookwork for a range of businesses, so contact us today for more information on how we can help your business.

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- Invoicing
Invoicing to customers and tracking of accounts receivable

- Accounts Payable/Receivable
Cross matching of daily takings, receipts and payments with banking, credit cards, EFTPOS and till receipts and Payment of all supplier invoices on a weekly or fortnightly basis, or as required

- Bank Reconciliations
Xero has a live feed to your business bank account upon set up – this enables us to reconcile each transaction against the relevant account code for your reporting needs.

Bookkeeping Canberra
- Financial reports, Income statement, Balance Sheet (specific management reports can also be produced)

- Preparation of documents required for Business Activity Statement (BAS) and Installment Activity Statement (IAS)

- Setting up payroll systems and Processing payroll
Preparation of weekly or fortnightly payroll and payment of wages. Note: payment of wages can be set up to suit individual client preference. We can make payment directly into staff bank accounts. For this we require internet access, or we can fax/email payslips for the client to pay staff themselves.
Payment of all super for staff on a monthly/quarterly basis.

-PAYG for staff and business owner/s
We will organise payment for staff tax monthly, and work out owner tax quartely to be paid with BAS.

-Payment Sumaries (Group certificates)
Every financial year we are able to generate your staff group certificates.

-Long Service leave, Sick Leave and Annual Leave
LSL can be calculated and maintained through the appropriate corporation (Building and Construction LSL has to be maintained through ausleave).
Annual and personal leave are calculated in Xero and applications to use leave are also stored in Xero.

-Debt Recovery
We are able to debt collect on behalf of your business. We are able to do this via email or telephone.

-Profit and loss reports, upon request