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Xero - Bookkeeping Software

Xero is a well estamblished, fast working and easy use software system used for your bookkeeping needs. Xero links a live feed to your bank accounts and helps you reconcile each transaction to the appropriate account whether it be computer expenses, income, training, materials and supplies and so on - the list is quite large and you are able to add your own accounts suitable to your business.

Xero holds all employee information which includes leave, super and tax. You are able to use Xero for pay runs and project how much you need to transfer to each employee, then send a payslip through the system. This is the same for tax and super payments - each section has a report which shows how much is owed.

The website provided below has a range of short videos to familiarise yourself with the software and im sure you will agree it is beneficial for any business or company no matter the size!


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